Cloud Hosting Services


Our Cloud hosting Services provide cloud resources to apps and websites. Rather than traditional hosting, these solutions are not placed on a single server. Instead, the application or website is hosted by a set of connected physical and virtual cloud servers, allowing for better flexibility and scalability.

Our Key Features:

Instead of a single on-premises server, Burein delivers applications and solutions on a cloud network.

  • Resources can be scaled to meet the needs of the user.
  • Organizations are only charged for the services they consume
  • SQL (including MySQL) and NoSQL databases can be hosted in the cloud.
  • APIs, mobile apps, and web portals are used to automate and control solutions.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Flexibility – Represent network traffic accommodation is represented by cloud servers and bandwidth. Traditional hosting packages come with a finite amount of bandwidth. Cloud hosting may scale up or down to meet a spike in traffic or seasonal demand.

Pay-As-You-Go System – The cost-cutting pay-as-you-go concept is reflected by a clock and cloud servers. Users are only charged for the services they utilize on a monthly or hourly basis. This approach differs from typical hosting’s flat rates.

Reliability – To demonstrate stability, server networks are migrating to the cloud. Because sites and apps are stored on a powerful network of servers, hardware problems do not create downtime. Traffic is segregated and safeguarded as it flows across distinct network interfaces.

Our Cloud Hosting Service Feature - A cloud database is retrieved entirely through the web and resides on a data center made available by a cloud or data system as a service (DBaaS) company, whereas an institution's on-premise servers are all connected to consumers via an inner Local Area Network (LAN) of a company. Because we listen when you speak, just tell us which of the cloud hosting problem you are trying to fix, and our team of experts will deliver the solution!

  • Cloud Databases

    Our cloud database service offers a collection of structured or unstructured data stored on a public or private hybrid cloud-based API (application programming interface). It performs most of the same features as a traditional data center, but with the added benefit of flexibility provided by cloud computing. Burein Cloud database services deliver an organized data layer that is scalable.

  • Website Hosting

    A more complex site requires a completer and more accurate package that includes full support as well as software and application development portals such as (ASP.NET, Java EE, ColdFusion, Perl/Plack, Ruby on Rails, or PHP). Burein web hosting service includes all features.

  • Files Backups

    If you are looking for ways to back up your images, a large set of videos, CAD files, folders, or external drive, Burein makes it possible for you to safely store your files and access them anytime you wish. We make it possible for you to access your files from any computer, or operating system and work with collaborators on any projects with ease.

  • Email Server

    Burein email server supports standard e-mail procedures (IMAP, SMTP, and POP3) and can be easily integrated with several online mail systems. Our server has an adaptable spam protection system that could be used in conjunction with your antivirus to scan all inbound and outbound emails.

  • File Storage

    Burein has a well-known file storage system that is centered on a hierarchical data arrangement and storage method. Many businesses, on the contrary, are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the rising number of web-based IT content or unstructured data. If you need to store a very large or unstructured volume of data, consider using block-based or object-based collection.

  • Forex Trading

    Burein has a portmanteau of foreign currency trading for people who want to maximize their potential by offering simple price options that suit their trading strategy. The Burein trader program provides you with a path and one-on-one expert guidance to help you achieve your goals in the currency market.

  • Remote Desktop

    Our Remote Desktop connects your device using the most recent online technologies, whether you're attempting to access your device at work from home, at home from work, to read a file while traveling, or share some information with friends or family.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Our hybrid cloud service gives you the freedom to design your hybrid cloud control system at the best performance and cost for your existing hybrid cloud requirements. With a wide range of hybrid cloud management solutions, you can protect, discover, optimize, automate, and integrate your data anywhere.